Looking for quality car care products? We have found the number one problem we had at the time of pick up for each of our clients was the instant anxiety that was created when they saw their renewed corrected and protected vehicle. So we decided to create an Exterior Maintenance kit to help alleviate that worry of “How in the world am I going to maintain that?!” Our Kit contains all of the proper essential products to maintain that newly coated or uncoated vehicle.

Gyeon Car Car Exterior Maintenance Kit

Kit includes:
Gyeon Bathe, Gyeon Iron, Gyeon Tire Express, Gyeon Glass and Gyeon Smoothie along with a step by step instruction brochure that will take the guess work away and walk you through the proper washing techniques of each product listed above.

Looking for something other than our maintenance kit? Browse our car care products below.


Gyeon Q2M Foam
Q2M Gyeon Prewash

Q2M FOAM has been designed as the ultimate prewash for your car. It removes dirt quickly but does not affected existing coatings or protection. A prewash with snow foam at the start of the cleansing process helps decrease the amount of dirt that needs to be removed, reducing the chance of putting wash and swirl marks into the paint.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe
Q2M Gyeon Bathe

Q²M BATHE is superbly efficient thanks to highly concentrated formula. The thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant smell, reminiscent of Q²M Cure, as well as producing a long-lasting foam.

Gyeon Q2M Bathe+
Q2M Gyeon Bathe Plus

Q2M BATHE+ is an innovative first for a car wash containing SIO2 and that means a great wash with great protection. GYEON have taken their effective pH-neutral Q2M BATHE and added an essence of their famous protection formula, giving you a soft, slick wash that adds to the existing protection of your coating.

Gyeon Q2M Iron
Q2M Gyeon Iron

Q2M IRON is one of the most efficient, fast-reacting iron removers on the market. Specially developed to decontaminate surfaces from harsh ferrous deposits such as brake dust and rail dust easily, making intensive cleansing simple for both enthusiasts and pro-detailers.

Gyeon Q2M Water Spot
Q2M Gyeon Water Spot

The biggest advantage of Q2M WATERSPOT is its safety on paintwork. Due to adverse weather or lack of maintenance, water spots may become an issue on fresh coatings. You can remove these quickly and easily by using Q2M WATERSPOT without the need to polish and in most cases re-apply the quartz coat.

Gyeon Q2M Glass
Q2M Gyeon Glass

Q²M GLASS is the ultimate formula for fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all automotive glass surfaces. Removes oily residue and instantly leaves a smudge free finish. Easy to use and safe for all interior materials like leather, vinyl or alcantara.

Gyeon Q2M Tire
Q2M Gyeon Tire

Q2M TIRE is a high technology SIO2 based tire restoration and repellent coating – it is not a classic tire dressing. Q2 TIRE exceeds nearly every product available on the market in terms of durability, looks and hydrophobic capability.

Gyeon Q2M Wet Coat
Q2M Gyeon Wet Coat

Q2M WETCOAT is perfectly safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic and it will add instant protection to bare surfaces or boost the base quartz coating you already have on these surfaces. It can also be used over existing natural waxes or sealants improving their durability and gloss.

Gyeon Q2M Cure
Q2M Gyeon Cure

Q2M CURE is a fantastic maintenance product for use after any of the GYEON coatings, it adds extra hydrophobicity, makes the surface feel slicker and has fantastic anti-static properties. As Q2M CURE is based on SIO2, its regular use will have a major influence on the base coating’s durability.

Gyeon Smoothie Glove
Gyeon Smoothie Glove

The basic properties of the Q2M SMOOTHIE glove dedicated to car washing are its softness and, equally, its ability to absorb pollutants. The safety of washing is critical to the maintenance of a vehicle, so we’ve put a lot of effort into providing you with the best possible tools.

Gyeon Polish Wipe
Gyeon Polish Wipe

The Q2M POLISHWIPE is a superb microfiber maintenance product for outstanding detailing performance. Depending on the surface, Q²M Microfibers are great for applying Q² CanCoat, giving a final wipe down with Q²M Cure. All towels provide maximum performance and the highest durability.

Gyeon Silk Dryer
Gyeon Silk Dryer

The innovative Gyeon Q2M Silk Dryer microfiber towel was a first in drying technology worldwide! It’s unique synthetic fibers absorb impressive amounts of water with fineness. It’s important feature is silk-smooth gliding over the paintwork, ensuring a scratch and smudge free drying process.

Gyeon Wheelbrush
Gyeon Wheel Brush

The Q²M WheelBrush is an extremely safe, high quality microfiber brush designed to effectively clean your precious rims without affecting their finish. It is the ultimate solution for cleaning all wheels, especially those hard to reach places.


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