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XPEL Certified Installer

At Simple Details, we are your local XPEL Certified Installer and Authorized Dealer. XPEL products focus on leading the industry by redefined the way people think about high performance protection and precision film installations.

Book Your Free Consultation Now!Coming from a background in software design and pattern development, they are the inventor of the world’s first self-healing paint protection film, revolutionizing the way people think about smart surface technology.

Our XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating & Window Tint Services

As a Certified XPEL Installer, Simple Details has completed a comprehensive training program and we are ready to take your vehicle protection to the next level with our advanced automotive window films, paint protection films, and aftercare products.

High-Impact Area Car Wrap Paint Protection Film

Installing paint protection film is a must have for anyone who cares about protecting and preserving their paint.

Acura NSX Kamikaze Miyabi Coating

A protective ceramic coating offers more protection and durability than a wax or sealant can provide.

McLaren 570GT Maintenance

Window tint film protects you and your vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays and offers privacy to occupants.


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